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Scope Box Purge

Deletes Unused Scope Boxes in a Revit Project

This application is used to delete unused Scope Boxes from a Revit project.
It will quickly show how many Scope Boxes there are, which ones are safe to delete and which are in use by which views, levels, grids or reference planes – providing an overview of just where you have used which Scope Box.

Available to Revit 2018 – 2023.

Scope Box Synchronizer

Synchronizes Scope Boxes between Revit Projects

The application is able to import all or selected Scope Boxes from a linked Revit project into your project, as well as checking if yours and the linked Scope Boxes are the same – if they are different you’re able to Synchronize your Scope Boxes to match those in the linked project. 
Similar to the built-in Copy/Monitor functionality but on Scope Boxes. 
The function updates the scopeboxes and maintains all scope box selections on views already made in the project.

After importing or synchronizing you also have the possibility to reorder the Scope Boxes either automatically or with drag and drop.

Available to Revit 2018 – 2023.

Scope Box Reorder

Reorders Scope Boxes in a Revit Project

After creating scope boxes in larger projects you might notice the scope box selection drop down menu is not ordered correctly – instead of being ordered alphabetically or numerically, it’s ordered in created order. That is, the order you or somebody else created the scope boxes. 
In larger projects, this quickly gets out of hand and quite a long time is spent scrolling up and down the properties drop down menu, trying to find and select the correct scope box. 

Scope Box Reorder is a small tool which is able to reorder those scope boxes with a single click, it detects the correct numerical order and also allows you to manually adjust the reordering with drag and drop functionality. 
You can also use the function to rename the Scope Boxes, just change the name before you click Reorder. 
The function maintains all scope box selections already made in the project.

Available to Revit 2016 and 2017 only and no longer available at the Autodesk App Store since they no longer support older applications than Revit 2018.

But you can download the final version here: Scope Box Reorder

Please Note : The applications are probably best installed as local Administrator user – if you have strange error messages when installing, that could be the case.
The install package is made for me by Autodesk – if it fails there’s unfortunately not too much I can do. šŸ™

But please contact me if you have issues installing them.

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