How to tag a Filled Region’s Area

Since a few releases back we can now tag Detail Items in Revit – however all properties are not available and especially not perhaps the most sought after information; a Filled Region’s area.

But there’s a method to trick Revit into presenting the area and it’s pretty sweet, by creating a tag which is able to show Area and then trick Revit into allowing the very same on Filled Regions (and probably most Detail Items)!

  • Create a new Generic Tag family
  • Change to a category which allows the tagging of Area – Floors works just fine
  • Create a label showing the Type Name and Area property
  • Copy the label to clipboard using CTRL-C
  • Change the category of the family to Detail Items
  • Now the label won’t say Area anymore – it has been replaced with some other property
  • Paste the label from before and you should have a label which indeed shows Area
  • Load it into your project and strangely enough actually works!

Some day Autodesk might fix this little oversight of not including the Area in the allowed list of taggable properties for Detail Items and perhaps there are some Detail Items that you really shouldn’t tag with with this tricked out tag. But who knows!

If you are curious how come this trick actually works it’s because the parameter definition for Area on both Floors and the Filled Region is the same – using Jeremy Tammik´s great Revit Lookup you can drill down into a Floor and a Filled Region and see for yourself!

Install Revit Lookup, and do Snoop Selection on first a Floor and then a Filled Region – find the Parameters, the Area parameter and then the parameter definition.
Internally they are both called internally “HOST_AREA_COMPUTED”.
So to Revit – those parameters are the same.

I have used the very same trick on some other tags as well, section tags not wanting to show View Name I think it was. But perhaps there are other use cases – explore and do let me know if you find any!

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